Understanding U

Analysis Paralysis

Do U change your nutrition and exercise program with every new bit of information you find out?

Is the only consistency in your nutrition the fact that U are inconsistent?

If U are constantly changing your nutrition and exercise program, then U are never allowing yourself to learn what really works for U.

The body takes time to adjust to anything U do to it and settle in to the new “routine” – so, if one week U are taking in 1700 calories a day, and the next 2200 calories a day, and on top of that adding in cheat meals or cheat days, U will never reach your goals. 

  1. Establish a plan and stick with it for some time before changing anything. 
  2. Track your efforts. Every morsel, every workout. Track how U feel. Do this daily.
  3. Don’t cheat yourself. If U consume foods off your plan, U have no idea how effective your plan truly is…
    1.  Don’t let yourself get off track: 
      1. Ask yourself each time U have a craving, whether or not it’s worth the few seconds of taste bud pleasure and the slippery slope that comes with it.
      2. Most likely U know U won’t stop there. (because most of us don’t)
      3. From there, we often fill our minds with a landslide of garbage to justify that “one bite” – so to truly reach your goals reflect on this truthfully.

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