Understanding U

Ayurvedic Theory

The ancient practice of eating for your energy.

Ayurvedic “Life Knowledge”

Indian ancient medical philosophy that was developed to prevent illness and imbalance

  • More a Lifestyle than a Diet
    • Predicted on the idea that we are made up of different types of energy and that we should eat for our specific body type – DOSHA

What’s Your Energy?

  • Human energy falls into 3 Doshas, which describe the dominant mind/physical state
    • Vata – thin and lanky types who love meeting new people and new experiences
    • Pitta – medium build who are focused on strong-willed but give to temper tantrums
    • Kapha – largest of the body types with good physical stamina who tend to be patient and supportive
    • While individuals contain aspects of all 3, Ayurveda proposes that we each have a dominant Dosha from birth

Depending on your body’s predominant Dosha, Ayurveda attempts to balance your energy type with foods that counter your impulses in order to promote harmony. 

Pair Accordingly 

  • Veta – warm yourself with hot cooked foods and warming spices
    • Ginger, cloves, and cinnamon
  • Pitta – avoid fried and spicy foods
    • Indulge in sweet, calming, watery foods
      • Watermelon, mangoes and dark salad greens
  • Kapha – need invigorating foods
    • Spicy dishes, fresh or dried ginger and peppery spices
    • Avoid sour tastes, like vinegar and grapefruit

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