Understanding U

Cervical Spine

Without your cervical spine, U would lose your head – literally.

  1. The cervical spine consists of 7 vertebrae originating at the bottom of your skull and running down your neck to shoulder/clavicle height. 
    • It works to support your head, move your spine and protect your spinal cord.
  2. A common instruction when lifting is to maintain a neutral spine, but a lot of people neglect to include the cervical spine in that directive.
    • No matter what compound movement U are performing, your head should follow your torso every step of the way.
    • U should never bee looking up (hyperextending) or looking down (rounding over), which can cause compression in the cervical disks.
    • And because the neck muscles that stabilize this area are much smaller and less powerful than the big spinal erectors that support the lumbar and thoracic spine, they are more easily injured. 
  3. Aside from executing proper form 24/7, strengthening the muscles that support the cervical spine 360 degrees around will help U maintain proper head posture during your workout and in all your life activities.

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