Understanding U

Overcoming the “Quitter” Mentality

Time to outsmart the initial reaction to give up.

  1. Your brain’s limbic system contains a portion deemed the “chimp brain”
    • It produces simple commands around fight or flight, without rational or logical thought process involved. 
  2. This rational and logical thought process comes from your Frontal Cortex. 
    • The frontal cortex has the capacity to think in abstract terms.
  3. The mental anguish that may occur over certain decision-making is the fight between these 2 parts of the brain.
    • If U continually let the “Quitter” part win, U will avoid anything remotely uncomfortable. 
  4. Ever talk yourself out of going…?
    • This means the part of your brain that controls Self Esteem is “out of steam,” so as the day goes on your ability to resist temptations only becomes weaker.
  5. Imposter Syndrome: an evolutional tool to keep U from developing skills.
    • Example: “There will always be someone fitter and stronger than U”
      • It’s a fear that prohibits U from moving forward. 
  6. Negative Nerves settle in and U begin to talk yourself out of an earlier made goal.
    • Example: U sign up for a 5k, and a few days prior to race day U desperately search for an excuse to get out of it. 
      • Focus on what U can control… EFFORT & ATTITUDE 
        • If U can finish the race knowing “U gave it your all” that’s a success. 

Tips to help overcome and conquer this way of thinking:

  1. Work with your Healthy U Coach and set goals.
  2. Meet other Healthy U clients “Your Healthy U Fitness Buddies”
  3. Find a training time that works best for U and strive to make it Consistent. 
    1. A neurological loop of trigger, ritual, rewards forms good habits. 
      1. Trigger: Setting a cellphone alarm
      2. Ritual: A booked training session with Healthy U
      3. Reward: A Healthy U Protein Shake post strength training and cardio session. 
  4. Remember with your Health and Fitness journey the best rewards are created outside of your comfort zone. 
  5. Acknowledge your fears logically, because from there U will most likely realize your concerns are irrational. 

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