Understanding U

Catching Z’s

Get the Rest U Need.

  1. Atmosphere
    • Block out Noise
      • Even if U don’t wake up, noise can disrupt your sleep and cause restlessness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and changes in breathing patterns.
      • These interruptions can lead to Fragmented Sleep, which makes it harder to reach the deeper, more Restorative Stages
    • Improve Ventilation: room stuffiness can hike nasal congestion and hinder your ability to breathe while U sleep.
    • Stay Slightly Chilled: body temperature regularly fluctuates throughout the day – it’s usually at its highest in the afternoon and lowest in the early AM. So, if your room is hot, your body will work all night to cool down – and if U are sweating, U are more likely to wake up.
    • Dim the Lights Early: not only does light send “stay awake” alerts to the brain, it also influences the Circadian Rhythm, which controls your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Brightness also stops the process of Melatonin (the tired hormone), suppressing your sleep signal.
  2. Bed
    • The general life spans of your bedtime essentials:
      • 7 years – The Better Sleep Council suggests upgrading to a new mattress this often
      • 1.5 – 2 years – Polyester and down-fill pillows should last this long
      • 3 – 4 years – Memory foam lasts longer, keep it for twice as long as a traditional pillow
  3. Consumption
    •  All types of intake – food, technology, supplements, even mouthwash – can significantly impact your ability to fall, and stay, asleep.
    • Chocolate Dessert
      • Whether its ice cream, brownies, cookies or candy – all cocoa contains caffeine.
        1. If U want to indulge your sweet tooth consider yogurt (high in muscle-relaxing magnesium) with cherries (which contain melatonin)
    • Pass on the Booze
      • While booze is linked to increasing certain sleepy feelings, it also causes U to wake up repeatedly, interfering with restorative sleep.
    • Put down your Phone
      • The changing screen color alone does not eliminate the impact on melatonin levels.
      • Try to avoid staring at any screen one to two hours before bedtime.
    • What do U brush with?
      • Peppermint toothpaste and mouthwash help with bad breath in the AM, but it should be avoided at night. Minty flavors keep us alert.
    • Be careful with meds
      • Certain over-the-counter migraine medications are packed with caffeine and could be the culprit for keeping U up.
      • Make sure U check the label and go for pain relievers without the stimulant.

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