Understanding U

Slashing Calories and Overtraining

It’s a Healthy Lifestyle Change, not a quick fix.

To understand if U are making the proper adjustments to live your best life or if U are entertaining crash dieting be sure to routinely reflect on your new routine. Note how it is making U feel and how it is affecting your behavior.

Consider this thought:

Turning down an invitation because U need time for yourself is completely fine.

However, if U are cancelling dinner plans to avoid being around food, that’s a major concern.

  1. Focus on achievable goals and balanced eating habits.
  2. Remember this is a Lifestyle Change, so it will take time.
  3. These changes will be sustainable.
  4. If U cheat the system due to impatience your body and mind – and results – will suffer.

Your Healthy U Coaches are here for U!

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