Understanding U

Cultivating a Motivated Mind

Cultivating a Motivated Mind

  1. Do it for Love.
  2. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators
    • Intrinsic – get U interested in a challenge for the love of it
    • Extrinsic – external motivators involve doing something for additional purposes (money, praise, etc.)

Because ultimately the more Intrinsic, and personal, your reasons the better U will stick with it!

  • Forgive Yourself
  • That “Always On” quality is bound to fluctuate, and learning to embrace this dance without judgement can help U grow
    • Yet, perfectionism isn’t all that bad – your DEDICATION helps U set expansive goals and energize U to go after them
    • The trick is to adapt your thinking to roll with the down days – forgive mistakes and avoid sabotaging mental strength
    • The best athletes are on a trajectory to be better, rather than always expecting to perform perfectly

It’s about Effort and Growth – constantly judging your experiences gets in the way of performance!

  • Be Accountable and Reward Yourself
  • Who can help hold U to your goals?
    • A sense of accountability creates healthy stress to power up your motivation
    • Focusing on small achievements and accomplishments helps support the anticipation and capitalizes on dopamine pathways

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