Understanding U

Eating Fewer Calories

Eat Fewer Calories

  1. Take No Prisoners
  2. Clean Blitz Your Kitchen
    • Unclean kitchens promote Stress Eating
      1. Chaotic Environments lead to out of control eating
    • And, then physically move in the direction of that thing
  3. Don’t Eat at Your Computer
  4. U will eat more than U want without thinking about it
  5. Set a Time
  6. Set a time for 20 minutes and make sure your meal lasts that long
    • U will notice the flavor and texture more of the food, and feel satisfied with less
    • Natural Eating Pause – that’s the sign to Stop Eating completely
    • Eating food slower can aid weightloss as the brain releases satiety chemicals
  7. Stay Hydrated
  8. Drink 8oz of water with your meals
    • Helps cut off cravings that are often due to dehydration

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