Understanding U

Calories Out

Energy Expenditure – Calories Burned

  1. Understand Macronutrients
    •  The type of food that are required in large amounts in your diet – ‘the hand portion method’
  2. Control your Protein intake
    •  Dense Foods: Fish, Meat, Poultry, Eggs, Dairy and Beans – PALM-SIZED Portion
      • Should be the same thickness and diameter as your palm
        1. Males 2 palm-sized portions
        1. Females 1 palm-sized portion
  3. Regulate Vegetable Portions
    •  FIST-SIZED Portion
      • Males 2 fists
      • Females 1 fist
  4. Figure out your Fat needs
    • Use a Full Thumb to determine your portion size
      • Males 2 thumbs
      • Females 1 thumb
  5. Master your Carbs
    •  Cupped hand
      • Males 2 cupped hands
      • Females 1 cupped hand

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