Understanding U

Get in Formation

The desk-to-gym cycle isn’t doing your workout-or your body-any favors.

  1. Sneaky body imbalances could be sabotaging your efforts and causing reoccurring injuries.

And these issues are starting to plague nearly everyone

  • More a Lifestyle than a Diet
    • Predicted on the idea that we are made up of different types of energy and that we should eat for our specific body type – DOSHA
  • Desk jobs, sedentary commutes, and sofa time are making our naturally asymmetrical bodies more misaligned (Postural Restoration Institute)
  • All the sitting shortens hip flexors and causes the spine to overextend, leading to form issues when U run and lift (and, down the road, tightness, pain, and injury)
    • Alignment problems can be tricky to identify, because many start as minor pinches and aches

Think: Crossing your opposite leg when U sit, standing up throughout the day to allow your body to readjust, and alternating which arm and leg U tend to use to get up from your chair.

  • Your breathing is an easy way to improve your alignment
    • When U exhale longer and deeper than your inhale, your rib cage moves down, in, and back allowing your abs to take stress off your spine
      • This enables U to use your diaphragm, alongside your abs and pelvic floor, to take strain off your body
    • Breathing this way-short on the inhale, long and deep on the exhale-while U sweat can help U maintain proper posture
      • Try it with 3 moves below, twice a week; they also work to balance your body

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