Understanding U


  1. Thyroid Hormones
  2. Help regulate the body’s metabolism
  3. Ability to make, store and use energy
  4. Bisphenols & Phtalates
    • Two chemicals found in many plastic products, like water bottles and food containers – these factors can throw off thyroid function
  5. To protect your Thyroid Hormones, avoid using plastic products whenever possible
    • Opt for glass, metal or paper instead
    • If U have to use a plastic food or drink container – never heat it
      • High temperatures can cause BPA and other chemicals to leak in your food
  6. Insulin
  7. Pulls glucose from the blood into the muscles, which use it for fuel
  8. For optimal insulin-and energy-levels, do an hour of exercise 3-4 times a week
    • When U exercise the muscles draw glucose from the blood to use for energy without needing insulin
  • There are anabolic hormones – including insulin and your thyroid hormones – that help your body create and store the molecules it uses as fuel
  • And, there are catabolic hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, which enable your body to use that fuel
  • Certain factors, including diet and stress, can upset the precise operation – making your energy levels plummet
    • Cortisol
      • Stress hormone and regulates alertness
      • Constant stress – the kind U feel when U are going through a demanding time at work – can also result in higher-than-normal Cortisol levels
      • Stick to a regular sleep schedule  and minimize stress
      • Adaptogene Compounds in Plants
        • Help regulate the adrenal system
        • Adaptogens sense imbalances in hormones and naturally correct them
          • Ashwagandha Root – take 300 milligrams 2x/Day
    • Adrenaline
      • Fight-or-flight hormone
        • Gives the body immediate energy
        • Speeds up the heart rate and sparks cortisol production
      • If adrenaline spikes throughout the day, it makes U feel depleted rather than energized
        • Spend at least 10 minutes a day on a calming activity

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