Understanding U


The best time to work out is whenever U can do it!

The number one reason Americans say they don’t exercise is lack of time, yet we watch hours of TV daily, so something is not quite adding up…

  • Get Out Asap
    •  Lay out everything U need the night before – so, when U wake up U can go from bed to gym in minutes.
  • Make it Meaningful
    • Whether that be running for an organization, working out in support of someone, or volunteering – these feel-good vibes will give U a boost before the day even starts and prevent U from wanting to hit the snooze button.
  • Buddy Up
    • Accountability is Crucial – team up with a Healthy U Coach to motivate U to get that workout completed.
    • Share your fitness goals and ask for helping keeping them on track from your Healthy U Coach.
  • Pencil it in
    •  Evening exercise can help blast stress before bed, but last-minute dinner invites can be an endorphin buzzkill.
    • Set expectations. Set up your training session in advance, so your friends know what days and times U will be unavailable.
  • Adjust Mealtime
    • For example: If U have a late workout, shift your lunchtime to 2pm or so – and make sure to have a light snack, like a protein bar, before your training session.
  • Commit
    • Stick to your routine – even when U are dragging. 
    • The first couple of minutes may be tough, but once U are in the groove, U will be motivated to keep going.
  • Wind Down
    •  An evening workout can leave U uplifted
    • U will be more likely to keep making healthy choices
    • Use that boost to fuel better rest

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