Understanding U

Motor Mouth

Slowing down at meal times is the sensible option when eating.

  1. Slow Down

Research at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions looked at 1,083 people for 5 years and asked them to describe their eating speeds as Fast, Medium, or Slow.

  • Fast Eaters were 11.6% more likely to have metabolic syndrome then normal eaters.
    • People who ‘wolfed’ their food also had more weight gain, a bigger waistline and higher blood glucose levels.
  • Fiber
  • Choose Fiber-Rich Foods
    • Take Longer to Chew
    • Put down your fork between Bites
    • Drink Water between bites
    • Place yourself next to slower eaters if possible

It’s the easiest way to start changing your current eating habits, and help U become a Healthier U!

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