Understanding U

Steps To Better Sleep

  1. Right before U go to bed, try taking a hot bath or long shower – the rise and resulting sudden drop in your body temperature will help to make U feel more relaxed and sleepy
  2. Wear warm socks to bed – when U sleep, your body redirects blood flow to your hands and feet to redistribute heat from your core to your extremities; cold feet can inhibit this blood flow and therefore make it harder for U to maintain a restful sleep
  3. Sleep under a weighted or heavy blanket – “deep touch pressure” promotes deeper relaxation
  4. Setting a bedtime and sticking to it
    1. When U sleep, the glymphatic system is activated, which flushes cerebrospinal fluid through the brain to remove proteins that accumulate as a by-product of the neurological process during the day
      1. If U don’t get enough sleep, these waste products begin to accumulate

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