Understanding U

Are U Your Own Worst Critic?

  1. Self-trash talk is the top behavior blocking us from living a life of freedom and happiness.
    • Obsessing over little comments, jokes we made that didn’t land, or even outfits we wore prevents us from taking chances, meeting new people, and trying new things.
    • Over time, it can wear down our confidence.
      1. Low self-esteem is linked to depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse.
  2. Be curious about others.
    • When self-criticism creeps up in social settings, turn to the person next to U and ask him/her questions about themselves.
      1. This will shift your focus from your internal monologue.
    • People love to share their interests, and their positive energy will boost your mood – and get U out of your own head. 
  3. Have a reminder ready.
    • Write an affirmation.
      1. “I release this judgment and return to peace”
  4. Make feeling good your priority.
    • When we feel “less than,” we often try to ignore it because it’s uncomfortable. Instead, notice the judgment, then ask yourself what U can do to move to a more positive mindset.
      1. Examples:
        1. Jot down 3 things U are grateful for…
        1. 5 minutes of yoga
    • As U strengthen this habit, U will be able to acknowledge negative feelings without giving them so much power and return to a happy, confident state much faster.

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