Understanding U

Striving For Perfection

Striving for Perfection is, by its very definition, impossible.

Although going to sleep hungry may be uncomfortable, sleeping on a full stomach is a much worse idea.

  1. Fact: Nowadays we know so much more about how other people are doing in life.
  2. Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Facebook
    • An unrelenting exposure to people more ‘perfect’ than U in a multitude of ways.
  3. Perfectionists
  4. Self-oriented perfectionists attach irrational importance to being perfect, hold unrealistic expectations and are punitive in self-evaluations.
    • Socially prescribed Perfectionism is when it’s perceived to come from others, so they feel as though others judge them harshly and they must display perfection to secure approval.
    • Other-oriented Perfectionism is when a person expects perfectionism from others around them, evaluating them and imposing unrealistic standards.
  5. By striving for Perfectionism, U are attempting to avoid the reality of your imperfections and that’s not just unrealistic, it’s unhealthy.
  6. If U are constantly striving for it, U are trying to avoid something that really bothers U – and that’s imperfection – so your attitude towards yourself, that U are imperfect, is what drives U to try and be perfect.
    • Use imperfections to harness your great strengths and become the best version of U, physically and emotionally!

That’s as perfect as U will ever get – and that’s alright!

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