Understanding U


  1. Track your food intake and weight change for a week minimum – only when U track your habits can U understand what U need to change
  2. Get your Goal on paper and put a number on it – what do U want to achieve?
    • Whatever it is, get a number on it – U need to get specific to Action It
  3. Decide your timeframe in which U want to achieve this in and be sure to make it realistic
    • Now, double that timeframe U decided on…
    • The best way to build patience for an impatient individual is to set an achievable goal U can drive towards each day
    • A goal U can hit every day builds momentum, confidence, and results
  4. Write down on paper all that U need to do to achieve these goals
    • Identify habits
  5. Add whole food to your diet in small increments
    • No more than 10% increase/decrease in calories

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