Understanding U

Wrist Anatomy

  1. The muscles that move your wrists are located in the forearm and are generally divided into Flexors and Extensions
    •  In conjunction with a number of smaller muscles, the forearms allow your wrists to move up, down, side-to-side, and in rotation
  2. Flexors – muscles run along the underside of your forearm and come into play when U close your hand or pull your hand downward
    •  Tightness here can make moves like handstands or a front squat, in which your wrists are in extension, uncomfortable or even painful
  3. Extensors – the muscles in the top of your forearm work the opposite way pulling your fingers up and open and put your wrist in extension
    •  Tightness here can negatively affect your overhand grip in moves like a farmer’s carry or a pull-up

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