The U Team

Hannah Flannery

Healthy U Fitness Coach 

As an average athlete for most of her life, Coach Hannah didn’t truly find her love of exercise until she traded team sports  for home workout videos in her bedroom during freshman year of high school. A profound sense of confidence and discipline grew from blocking out an hour every day to work up a sweat at her own pace and time without the prior pressure of keeping up with fellow teammates.

Currently an actor and model, Hannah needed a flexible, yet fulfilling career to delve into – which led her to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. 

Coach Hannah’s goal is to unearth the inner athlete in all people by making exercise fun and stimulating while pushing them past their “limit”. 

Before high school, Hannah had a serious two-year stint in ballet, in which she progressed quickly and started pointe within nine months of formal training. Her drive for nothing less than perfection in dance and endless hours spent analyzing her body in the mirror led to an obsessively restrictive diet that would last long after she put away her leotards for good.

Now in a more balanced state of mind, Hannah strives to show people how to listen to their bodies and develop an intuitive mind-body connection, so they can foster a healthy, level-headed view on fitness and nutrition.

Meet The U Team

Meet The U Team