The U Team

Krista Peters

Healthy U Fitness Coach 

Coach Krista always strived for a healthy and active lifestyle. Realizing how much passion she had for bettering her health and the health of others around her, she decided to pursue a degree in Exercise Science at Bloomsburg University. While attending school, she found herself working at the student recreation center. Here Krista was able to use her studies to promote things from the correct form while doing a lift, to what fuel you need to give your body for the goals you want to achieve. 

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree, she went on to earn a Master’s in Clinical Athletic Training at Bloomsburg University. This allowed her to see a different perspective of training such as therapeutic exercises and modalities, and how exercise can change the chemicals in the brain which can lead to a healthier way of thinking throughout each day. 

In this fitness journey, Coach Krista has two goals. 1. To make a positive impact on at least one person each and every day. 2. To show others how physically and mentally strong they truly are. Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire, and push each other. Coach Krista wants to see U be the best U you can be!

Meet The U Team

Meet The U Team