The U Team

Trent Moyer

Healthy U Fitness Coach

Coach Trent is an incredibly compassionate and real person. He experienced trauma at a young age, and is able to use his story to help others and empower them to break free of any darkness they may be facing. Coach Trent battles self worth due to being sexually assaulted in his adolescent years. 

For most of his life he hid his emotions and hurt behind his eating habits. After an ACL tear, Coach Trent reached a personal high of 240 pounds. This ignited his transformation. 

Instead of seeking instant gratification from food he decided to start a journey to building his healthiest and best quality life yet. He achieved 60 pounds of weight loss in a little over two months, and from their he flipped the switch on his entire life. 

Coach Trent is all in when it comes to helping others, and is passionate about training at Healthy U Fitness. He wants each individual to know when they walk through the doors of Healthy U Fitness it goes beyond just training U and the physical aspect, as a team we are changing your entire life.

Meet The U Team

Meet The U Team