U Lifestyle Stack


This stack is pivotal for all individuals looking to begin their journey in building a healthier lifestyle. This stack is packed with important vitamins and minerals as well as overall muscle recovery ingredients to help your body heal and rebuild on a daily basis.

What the Healthy U Lifestyle Stack includes:

  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • Men/Women Multi-Sport
  • Alpha EAA
  • Upsorb

U Recovery Stack


It is important to remember when you begin your training program at Healthy U Fitness that you are staying properly hydrated. Your hydration levels are key to your overall weight-loss, strength and toning, and wellness goals. Our recovery stack is designed to cater to your pre and post workout needs in addition to the high intensity minutes within your Healthy U training session. It is critical to implement this hydration into your daily routine in order to stay both hydrated and recovered from each session.

What the U Recovery Stack includes:

  • 100% Whey Isolate Protein
  • IntraBlast
  • Alpha EAA
  • Reload Matrix

U Workout Fuel Stack


Whether you train two or four times a week, it is critical that each training session you are energized and engaged. This stack is designed to provide you with both the hydration and energy needed to perform well both during your session and the remainder of your day. This stack is designed to keep your focus as soon as you enter the doors of Healthy U to make sure that you make the most of each session and understand that this is your time.

What the U Workout Fuel Stack includes:

  • Preworkout
  • Intrablast
  • Reload Matrix

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