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Some people think that working out and getting in shape is all about one’s outside. What we fail to realize is that the outside is just a product of what’s going on inside. Working with Warren has changed my body tremendously, but it has changed my mind and attitude even more. This is what I love about Healthy U Fitness. They take a holistic approach to resetting everything that drives the fitness results you want to see. I’ve gone from being on the sidelines to wanting to play the game. And beyond that, I feel like I belong in the game. I no longer try things but simply do them. What I’ve learned at Healthy U Fitness is that I really can succeed at whatever I want as long as I have the right support, direction and tools. If you’re frustrated about where you are in your fitness journey and feel like there is no solution, I challenge you to let the team at Healthy U Fitness share your burden with you. It’s people like us that they live to serve, may you be blessed today.

Carl C.

For the first time ever I’m not only reaching my physical goals but my mental ones as well. I feel amazing. I have tons of energy. Warren is an amazing coach who has taught me so much about healthy choices, long and short term fitness goals and proper healthy eating habits without giving up everything I love. I tried this once before and gained it all back plus. That was a diet…. this is a lifestyle. Failure isn’t an option. I will win this time.

Susan H.

2018 has been a year full of self reflection and discovery for me. I have struggled with weight issues and low self-esteem all my life. Finally enough was enough and I knew I needed to do something!! My mind was made up and I reached out to Coach Warren at HealthyUFitness and it has been the best decision I could have made. The last several months have been the best of this year. In working with the team at HealthyUFitness I have learned that losing weight isn’t just about my appearance, but rather becoming the best version of myself both inside and out that I can be. They have brought me to a place where i am so much more positive about myself.This journey is hard work and  just as much mental as it is physical, however I know that I can do anything I put my mind to. The team at HealthyUFitness is the best around; not only providing excellent training, but encouragement and a wealth of knowlesge to get you through anything! Their commitment to their clients is by far the best I have ever experienced! If you are looking to start the journey of taking care of you then look no further. Coach Warren, Coach Dani, and Coach John have got your back and will support you all the way!

Kristen B.

I commented to Coach Warren one day that our training sessions feel as though I’m in a bubble. The attention, focus, strength and mental clarity you learn and develop during a Healthy U workout carry with you far beyond your training session. You learn how to implement a healthy lifestyle through all aspects of life. Each Healthy U Coach is truly focused on U. They will bring a greatness out of you that enables you to develop an excited, grateful, and unstoppable mindset throughout all areas of your life.

Dani V.