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A Word From The Designer of Healthy U Fitness ...

Warren Bernard Zukina III
Coach / Owner / Creator

“Growing up in Reading, Pennsylvania was filled with darkness and no one to turn to for a positive light. After watching “17 Again,”  with Zac Efron, being 17 myself it motivated me to want to change my life. I started running to the Pagoda, to and from my house which ended up being a 10-mile run. I started to find fitness could be my way out of my head and find something that truly was worth fighting for within myself. 

After being stabbed six times my senior year I lost all hope and gave up. I then moved to Texas to help my mom with my four siblings. After moving, I found out quickly that being in a new school was not only overwhelming, but lonely since I knew no one. Once again, I was in search of for a way to help myself. 
I started to go to the gym on the military base when I was 19 years old and BOOM, just like that it began an everlasting trend within me. I never looked back. I remember one day vividly: I was doing dumbbell curls at the gym and I suddenly felt a jolt of energy; something pushed me forward to want to understand more behind the Why of the curl movement, and furthermore what truly is happening within my body. 
I found Kai Greene at this time. He was so articulate with how he talked and I started too easily relate to all the pain he would refer to. This led to me finding NASM where I became certified to be a personal trainer. At this time I weighed 150 pounds, and for that I felt as though no one would truly want to train with me because of my outward appearance looking like “a pencil.” I was 20 when I got certified as a personal trainer, but actually trained my first client when I was 24 years old. 
Throughout my journey of starting Healthy U Fitness, I have witnessed the extreme way of how not to run a business. Going to a gym, they do not care at the end of the day if you show up or not. As I immersed myself within the fitness industry I witnessed personal trainers and owners who craved the materialistic aspects of training and quick crash diet philosphies; it quickly became a fixation on money and power, rather than giving back, and most importantly impacting clients. It triggered within my mind, How can we impact people the right way?
Healthy U Fitness was born to give our customers and the communities we serve an impactful experience to live out THEIR best life; to live a healthier life, and pass that message onto others. 
Escaping the darkness is something everyone and myself included struggle with, and your time within the doors of Healthy U Fitness will help U see a greater light that will last for life, and empower other live out a positive life.”

Meet The U Team

Meet The U Team